Am I a Candidate For Stem Cell Therapy?

Upload: February 3, 2017Dr. Loniewski, DO, FACOS, FAOAO has developed a simple questionnaire you can download and take to determine if you could be a candidate for stem cell therapy for any major joint.  This questionnaire can also help you understand if you should consider a joint replacement as well as help you understand some of the major risk factors of joint replacement surgery..  This questionnaire is not designed to diagnose or treat any condition.  It is also not a guarantee that one therapy is superior to another.  This is just a simple intake questionnaire to help you understand if you may benefit from specific treatment options.   Completing this questionnaire does not initiate a doctor/patient relationship, but rather provides you with general medical knowledge.   If you would like to discuss your specific condition, we highly suggest you schedule a one on one evaluation at our office.  We would love to sit down and evaluate your entire orthopedic condition and develop a unique , ethical and effective treatment for your condition.  Call us at 810-299-8550 to schedule an appointment soon.

Stem Cell Intake Form PDF

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