Low Cost, High Quality Non-Surgical Options for Joint Pain

Dr. Edward Loniewski, DO, FACOS, FAOAO offers low cost alternatives for joint pain

Below is a list of customized treatment options for patients looking for non-surgical treatments.   Some basic reasons why we feel these treatments are the best we can offer our patients include

  • Most Experience- Dr. Loniewski has the most experience with over 4,000 procedures, and is the one of the only physician in Southeastern Michigan who instructs other physicians in the proper techniques of cell based therapy.
  • Great Results- Overall Dr. Loniewski has been performing PRP since 2005 and stem cell since 2013.  Over 82.5% of the stem cell  patients have improved with an average improvement of  50% or more  in function and pain.  Less than 10% of the patients went onto joint replacement. 
  • Ethical Application- We only offer these therapies to patients who would benefit and  have met specific criteria based on our stem cell questionnaire available on our website.  
  • Lowest Prices- We make cell based therapies affordable with PRP treatments and we have the lowest cost for stem cell therapy. 
  • Customized Treatments- We offer a variety of packages which will fit the patient with the most appropriate treatment plan.  This is not a one size fits all.   
  • Comprehensive Packages- We are the only center in the area offering comprehensive treatment plans including gait analysis, nutritional supplementation, laser and whole body vibration treatments to improve patient outcomes.   
  • Effective Alternatives- Dr. Loniewski offers alternatives to steroid or Supartz injections which include safe and effective homeopathic injections and PRP injections.  

Here is a brief list of the different treatments available to our patients:

Custom Designed Platelet Rich Plasma -  Platelets are found within a component of your blood and they offer a myriad of different growth factors to help heal many orthopedic conditions and modify biochemical imbalances in arthritic joints.   However, not all orthopedic conditions or patients are the same.  Many physicians who do not fully understand this therapy use one single formulation to treat all orthopedic conditions.  This is similar to treating all infections with penicillin.   Yes, you may be successful some of the time, but not as successful as you should be.    Only Dr. Loniewski offers customized platelet rich plasma treatments tailored to condition specific requirements.  Our staff is trained in at least 4 different PRP methods and Dr. Loniewski will chose the most appropriate formulation to fit your condition. Most patients only require one single injection, but there are certain conditions and patients which may require 2 to 3 injections.   Our success rate is around 80% and patients normally experience relief for approximately one year.   

Customized Bone Marrow Derived Stem Cell Therapy  

Dr. Loniewski has developed different customizable bone marrow derived stem cell therapies which provide patients with options to fit the right patient with the right program.   

  • Basic Bone Marrow Derived Stem Cell Therapy-  
    • Ideal for mild to moderate arthritis
    • Basic high tech bone marrow aspiration technology
    • High concentration bone marrow aspirate
    • Reliable results


  • Advanced Bone Marrow Derived Stem Cell Therapy-  
    • Moderate to advanced arthritis
    • High concentrate bone marrow aspirate
    • Super concentrate plasma proteins
    • Additional customized platelet rich plasma injection to improve overall outcome


  • Ultimate Bone Marrow Derived Stem Cell Therapy Experience-   This is for the patient desiring a whole new experience in stem cell therapy.   This includes :
    • Evaluation by certified therapist for gait analysis
    • Eight treatments with whole body vibration to enhance cell proliferation
    • Nine laser treatments to help reduce pain and enhance stem cell growth
    • Three months of nutritional supplementation with Joint Builder Ultra
    • Nitric Oxide testing and three months of replenishment
    • One Pretreatment custom designed WBC Rich- platelet rich plasma injection
    • One Post- treatment custom designed WBC Poor- platelet rich plasma injection
    • High concentrate bone marrow aspirate
    • Super concentrated plasma proteins
    • A total body approach for the optimal outcome
    • Save over $1,000 if purchased separately.

*Costs do not include office visits, additional medication costs and diagnostic studies not covered by your insurance.

Additional Synergistic Treatments for Cell Based Therapy

The following additional treatments can be used to help synergize the cell therapy for faster and more robust results.   

  • Whole Body Vibration (WBV) Physiotherapy-  Advanced Orthopedic Specialists was the first orthopedic clinic in the area to offer this cutting edge therapy over 10 years ago.   This has FDA approval for treating osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and urinary incontinence all at the same time.  All you have to do is just stand on a vibrating plate which moves in a patented up and down direction at specially designed frequencies to generate muscle contractions; increased blood and lymphatic flow.  These beneficial vibrational frequencies also stimulate the formation and differentiation of stem cells.   The rapid contraction of your muscles during these treatments is something you can never recreate with conventional exercise and thus, just 10 minutes of use can equal one hour of exercise making this a perfect therapy for older patients unable to withstand the demands of an exercise program.   


  • Homeopathic Injections-   Patients who are looking for an alternative to steroids and anti-inflammatory medications may find relief with a simple and scientifically proven homeopathic injection series called Traumeel™ and  Zeel™.   These were developed and used safely and effectively in Germany.  Recently, the FDA has inspected these products for purity and safety and has allowed them to be used only under the care of a licensed medical physician to treat common orthopedic conditions such as tendonitis and arthritis.  This is a series of three injections of the combination of 12 botanical minerals given one week apart.  Peer reviewed, blinded and controlled studies have shown that these treatments are as effective as common non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications and in vitro research has shown that these injections do have favorable responses to reduce inflammation and pain producing chemicals in your joints.  These injections normally provide relief for 3 to 6 months.  There are no side effects or interactions, and these injections can be administered without a waiting period.   


  • Laser Treatments-   The patented and FDA approved  Multi-wave Locked System uses two specific laser wavelengths of 808 nm for anti-edema and anti-inflammation  and 905 nm  for analgesia to penetrate 3-4 cm into damaged tissue to help with repair and reduction of pain without causing any thermal damage to the surrounding tissues. This painless procedure only requires that you lie still while the healing dual lasers are aimed to the area of your pain.   Each treatment session normally takes under 30 minutes and these are normally repeated every other day for two to three weeks.  This treatment can be used to augment cell based therapies as recent research has discovered synergistic effects of using laser treatments and cell based injections.   


  • Nitric Oxide Testing and Replacement-   Nitric Oxide is one of the most important biochemical components of the human body.  Almost every single biochemical pathway relies on the proper amount and distribution of nitric oxide. In fact, the discovery of this critical biochemical won the Nobel Prize for medicine in 1998.   Nitric oxide is not only important to the micro-vascular structures of our body, but also to the promotion of expansion of stem cells.   Many people throughout the world are deficient in nitric oxide mainly due to nutritional deficiencies coupled with a change in the natural bacterial flora in our mouths.   We can easily test for a deficiency in nitric oxide and provide clinically proven supplements developed by one of the world leaders in nitric oxide research to correct this deficiency.  Thus, we only recommend supplementation to anyone who will benefit from the therapy.    

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