Benefits of the Most Perfect Fat Known to Man

Benefits of a Bone Marrow as the Most Perfect Fat

By: Edward G. Loniewski, DO, FACOS, FAOAO

Bone Marrow has long been a delicacy reserved for the wealthy of ancient times.   Decadent dishes served to royalty with special spoons to scoop up the precious gem of the innermost hidden treasure of animals was the subject of artists and even poets as they “sucked the marrow out of life.”    Was this just an exercise in poetic justice, or was there some true benefit of enjoying this carnivorous treat? We went to the Wooden Spoon Restaurant in Brighton, Michigan (675 West Grand River, Brighton, MI) to find out.

Here they serve a roasted, smoked canoe sliced appetizer of bone beef bone marrow.  They have been serving this appetizer as part of their rotating appetizer menu for a few years with many of their long term patrons praising the benefits of this tasty, tantalizing treat.

We met first with the head chef and partner, Steve Pilon who came up with the concept and he had his right hand Sous Chef Mason prepare this for us as we filmed the entire event.    Here is the simple recipe:

  • Ask your local butcher to give you a “canoe cut” version of the femur of any cow cut in 1/3rds or 1/4th.
  • Place this bone side down to keep the precious bone marrow cargo protected from leaking out  in the smoker for 20 minutes at a temp of about 250 degrees fahrenheit.
  • You can remove from the smoker and wrap and freeze if you wish or proceed to cook this in a 400 degree convection oven for 8 minutes on a cooking sheet.   Make sure that the marrow is facing upward and cradled nicely by the bone edges. You do not want the marrow to run out onto the sheet. The marrow is done when it is bubbly, but not runny.  You want it to be firm like a foam, but not a liquid .
  • Transfer carefully with the bone marrow side up onto a plate and garnish with a nice contrasting salad of arugula, grapefruit and blue cheese as well as some pickled onion on the side.

From a scientific standpoint, bone marrow is one of the most perfect fats to eat.   This is the only part of the cow which is an unsaturated fat making it special in taste and dietary value.   There are 0% trans-fats in bone marrow and it is also a source of a complete dietary protein. Some other great benefits of bone marrow is the fact that it contains Adioponectin which is something that not only gives marrow its unique flavor, but it can also help protect chronic diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.    Apiopenectin also helps to break down other fats in our body and places a role in preserving our body’s vital nutrition during starvation or fasting. The collagen content of bone marrow also helps your digestive tract as well as helps make your skin look healthy. Overall, eating bone marrow is a way to obtain the perfect fat and there is no bones about that!

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