Arthritis Treatment Brighton MI
Arthritis comes in many different forms and can affect any joint in the body. The most common form is known as osteoarthritis, which affects virtually everyone over the age of 50.

Our doctors use a variety of modalities to treat arthritis non-operatively.  These modalities include weight loss, medication, vitamins,  home exercise programs, and physical therapy. We also offer regenerative medicine techniques such as platelet rich plasma, bone marrow concentrate and adipose derived stem cells can help your body heal itself in ways not possible with standard treatments. When these modalities fail, other options including injections, arthroscopy, and ultimately joint replacement are offered.
Our philosophy at Advanced Orthopedics includes starting with the least invasive treatments and only progressing to more advanced treatments when these fail. It is far better to preserve the joints you have as long as possible. However, if the need to replace them arises, our surgeons will use state of the art techniques and the most modern implants to get you back to the activities you enjoy.

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Our practice is called Advanced Orthopedic Specialists for a reason. A Specialist in orthopedics implies that the physician has had fellowship training. Orthopedic surgeons attend 4 years of undergraduate college, 4 years of medical school and 5 years of residency training in general orthopedic surgery. Fellowship training is an additional year of training to specialize in a specific field of orthopedics. All of the doctors at AOS are fellowship trained, offering patients the best educated physicians to help address their problem.
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