Elbow Arthritis & Loose Bodies

Elbow Arthritis Treatment Brighton MI

Arthritis comes in many different forms and can affect any joint in the body. The most common form is known as osteoarthritis, which affects virtually everyone over the age of 50.

Elbow osteoarthritis commonly affects men more than women. It is characterized by pain and loss of motion, as well as mild swelling. The most frequent complaint that patients tell us is that they cannot fully straighten (extend) their elbow.
We make the diagnosis with a physical examination and x-rays. There are many ways to treat this problem non-surgically, which include medications, injections, and physical therapy. Please learn more by watching our YouTube video by Dr. Laith Farjo.

If that fails, elbow arthroscopy is a very helpful option in treating this form of arthritis. We use small incisions to remove bone spurs and loose bodies (cartilage and bone that float around the elbow, get stuck, cause pain, and can get in the way of a full range of motion). It is an outpatient procedure — patients do not have to stay overnight in the hospital. The risks of arthroscopic surgery are low. Recovery is fairly quick; no immobilization is necessary, and range of motion and use of the elbow is encouraged. Full or near-full recovery is typically achieved in 2 months, although many patients note relief of pain much sooner.

Physical Therapy

We are proud to offer our own in-house physical therapy services, specializing in orthopedic and sports injuries. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of care in a fun, friendly and encouraging environment. You can contact our Physical Therapy Department directly at (810) 299-8557. Having our own physical therapy program helps our patients in many ways, with the ultimate goal being a faster and better recovery from their orthopedic problem.
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