Discharge Instructions after Foot & Ankle Surgery

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The following post-op discharge instructions are provided by Dr. Mihalich. Instructions more specific to your particular surgery may be given to you by Dr. Mihalich or his staff.


  • Walk and stand using crutches or walker as needed for support and pain relief.
  • Weightbearing: 1) __ You may bear weight as tolerated. 2) __ DO NOT bear weight.
  • Keep operated foot/ankle elevated above the level of your heart. This requires reclining rather than sitting straight up.


  • Surgical Shoe/Brace: 1) __ Use whenever out of bed; May remove for sleeping and bathing. 2) __ Keep shoe on 24-HOURS/DAY: DO NOT REMOVE AT ANY TIME.


  • ABSOLUTELY DO NOT GET CAST/DRESSING WET! Once you are comfortable and mobile, cover the cast or dressing with a larger towel followed by a brand new plastic garbage bag and tape it to the skin. Call the office if you do accidentally wet your bandage or cast.


  • Read label of take home medications and take as directed.
  • Do not take pain medications on an empty stomach (taking with food decreases nausea); and NEVER take pain medications with alcohol!
  • All narcotics (pain medicines) may cause constipation. Please use laxative of choice as needed, such as milk of magnesia, or magnesium citrate. These are available over the counter at the pharmacy.
  • Phenergan (prescription) as needed may be taken every six hours for nausea and also to enhance the effect of pain medicine.
  • Blood clots are rare in foot and ankle surgery, but it is recommended that you take 1 full strength (325mg) aspirin daily if you are in a cast or splint.

Special Instructions:

  • Keep operated foot elevated for at least several days, and thereafter as needed, especially when it is swollen or sore.
  • Notify the doctor for fever greater than 101.5+ degrees, or excessive redness or swelling in your foot; or if pain medication is not effective.

Return Appointment:

  • Your follow up appointment should be already scheduled, usually at about 10-14 days after surgery.

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