Home Exercise Program After Foot & Ankle Surgery

The following home exercise program is provided by Dr. Mihalich. Do not begin the program below unless given authorization by Dr. Mihalich or his staff.

Range of Motion:

  • Move your ankle up toward your face and then away from you in a comfortable range.
  • Move your foot inward and then outward.
  • Alternately, you can try to write the alphabet with your foot. This will incorporate all of the motions in the foot and ankle.


  • Try to stand on one leg as long as possible, keeping count as you go. Try to increase this time daily.
  • Heel to toe walking-Place one foot after the other walking an imaginary tight rope.


  • Theraband Exercise: Attach the band to an immobile object such as a table leg and loop the other end over your foot. Pulling against the resistance of the band, move your foot inward. Next, move the band so the loop is on the opposite side of your foot. Move your foot outward. Try to do at least 20 repetitions twice daily.
  • Toe Raises: Stand close to a stationary object for balance. Rise on both toes to start, but you should be able to eventually do single toe raises as your strength improves.

General Conditioning:

  • Start with low impact exercise such as stationary biking or swimming.
  • As you begin walking for exercise, start slow and gradually add distance as comfort allows.
  • Do not start jogging or running until you are comfortable walking at least 2 miles without increased pain.

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