Management Team


Our Practice Manager, Sharron, runs the whole show. She is responsible for coordinating everything including the office staff, billing department, communication with other health care providers, and business management. We are very proud to have her keep all of us on schedule and heading towards a common goal: outstanding patient care. You may contact her at (810) 299-8554.


Our Office Manager, Christie, is responsible for the day-to-day function of all our office personnel. Her job is to ensure that you have the smoothest possible experience in our office. She is available to handle any concerns you may have, from scheduling appointments or surgery, to billing issues.  She is also responsible for the management and training of all our technicians — the people who assist you once you are in the examination rooms.  You may contact her at (810) 299-8551.


Our Director of Physical Therapy, Mike, is ultimately responsible for all the care provided in our physical therapy department. He oversees the care of most of our patients, as well as coordinating the care you will receive from our physical therapy assistants and athletic trainers. Mike received his undergraduate education at Michigan State University and his professional training from Wayne State University. He has extensive experience in all aspects of physical therapy and specializes in orthopedic PT. You may contact him at (810) 299-8550.

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