Why Use Bone Marrow for Stem Cell Therapy?

Why Use Bone Marrow?  b6b107fbd6912fffc9cb262b7b8cb2ed

Author:  Edward G. Loniewski, DO, FACOS, FAOAO

There are two major reasons to use bone marrow as the source of stem cells:


  • This is the only source of stem cells allowed by the FDA
  • This is the most comprehensive stem cell treatment


The FDA ruled on the use of cell based therapies in November of 2017 and autologous bone marrow-derived stem cells were determined to be both homologous and minimally manipulated and thus allowed for use in conditions such as arthritis.  You can read the report here . What this means in plain English is that the cells taken from your own bone marrow are safe because they are not changed or manipulated in a dangerous manner, and they are placed back into an environment which is like the place they were taken (homologous).   Only bone marrow cells can lay this claim. Cells taken from fat or from other humans or placental tissue are deemed to be in violation of the FDA regulations.  This is because they are manipulated and changed as well as being placed in an area where they are not naturally found in the human body.

The other reason why we use bone marrow cells is because it provides the complete package for restoring the normal balance between damage and repair.   This is not just stem cells. Bone marrow provides important plasma proteins and growth factors. One of the most important components of the cell based therapy are the proteins which help prep the area for cell health.  Bone marrow or plasma contains these important proteins which help reduce harmful chemicals and encourage cell growth.  Bone marrow also contains many of the growth factors found in platelet rich plasma but in higher concentrations. These growth factors help fertilize the field so the native stem cells can function properly.   Thus, bone marrow or platelet rich plasma therapy is the only compressive and legal cell therapy providing all the right stuff.

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