Rapid Recovery

Our experienced surgeons and our staff at Advanced Orthopedic Specialists have developed state-of-the-art methods to improve your outcomes after an injury by developing innovative programs and techniques. Some examples include:

Minimally Invasive

  • We use state of the art methods of surgical exposure to reduce damage to neighboring tissue and promote rapid healing.  Techniques such as  smaller incisions without staples or sutures, and muscle sparing incisions also reduce pain and spares vital tissue.

Platelet Rich Plasma

  • Some of our surgeons harvest platelets from within your own body to release natural growth factors which help your body heal itself as well as reduce scarring. This is sometimes known as Platelet Rich Plasma. In addition, we offer other regenerative medicine options to help you recover faster, sometimes even without any surgery.

On-Site Pre and Post Operative Therapy

  • We are one of the only orthopedic groups with a comprehensive therapy staff right within our own office. We offer pre-operative consultations with occupational therapists that will help you prepare your home for a safe recovery. We also personally select the best physical therapists and athletic trainers in the area whom have immediate and constant interaction with our health care team monitoring your recovery closely.

Patient Education

  • The more your know…the faster you recover. We have personally developed specialized patient education materials to ensure all of our patients and their loved ones are educated about the best ways to prepare for surgery as well as recover rapidly.  This includes printed materials, videos and multimedia presentations.

Laser Therapy

We have FDA approved MLS lasers to help reduce cellular inflammation and stimulate blood flow to accelerate healing. We are constantly researching and refining new methods to improve your recovery time and get you back in the game. Commonly treated conditions include: arthritis, sprains, strains, tendon and ligament injuries. The benefits of laser therapy include reduced pain levels, reduced inflammation, and increased mobility. It also helps speed the recovery process.

Physical Therapy

We are proud to offer our own in-house physical therapy services, specializing in orthopedic and sports injuries. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of care in a fun, friendly and encouraging environment. You can contact our Physical Therapy Department directly at (810) 299-8557. Having our own physical therapy program helps our patients in many ways, with the ultimate goal being a faster and better recovery from their orthopedic problem.
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