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Fellowship Training

Our practice is called Advanced Orthopedic Specialists for a reason. A Specialist in orthopedics implies that the physician has had fellowship training. Orthopedic surgeons attend 4 years of undergraduate college, 4 years of medical school and 5 years of residency training in general orthopedic surgery. Fellowship training is an additional year of training to specialize in a specific field of orthopedics. All of the doctors at AOS are fellowship trained, offering patients the best educated physicians to help address their problem.


Advanced Orthopedic Specialists has some of the most experienced surgeons and staff in the area. Some of our surgeons have performed 10,000 or more procedures with success. Our surgeons have been and/or are instructors for Michigan State University, The University of Michigan, Eastern Michigan University, and local residency programs - we have the knowledge and experience necessary to train some of the best health care providers in the country. We have over 46 years of combined, intensive orthopedic experience handling common and complex orthopedic cases.  No other group in the immediate area can make this claim.


Advanced Orthopedic Specialists offers the latest in medical technology to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of most orthopedic problems. We have the latest in digital x-ray technology which provides exceptionally clear images with less radiation than standard x-rays. We have been using electronic medical records for over 9 years which allows more efficient communication with other providers and easy access to a patient’s full medical history. We also offer MLS Laser Therapy which is the latest non-invasive treatment for a multitude of orthopedic problems which helps to reduce pain and speed recovery such as our regenerative medicine treatments. We utilize ultrasound technology to ensure accurate placements of injections as well as provide immediate, radiation-free diagnosis.

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Physical Therapy

We offer in-house physical therapy with therapists who only see our patients. They are extremely familiar with the diagnoses and surgeries that each of the surgeons performs which helps speed recovery. Our therapists are selected for their expertise in multiple approaches of physical therapy and their demonstration of outstanding quality care. The proximity of our state-of-the-art clinic provides excellent communication between physician and therapist and well as immediate physician availability in the event of unique problems. Learn More


Advanced Orthopedic Specialists is a private practice with affiliations to several medical facilities in the area. This provides patients with a choice where their surgical care is provided. Our sole focus is on care of the patient. We are not a teaching institution with residents or fellows providing your care. We do not answer to a large bureaucratic organization that dictates how we practice or how we should treat patients. We are large enough to care for most orthopedic problems and provide complete care and small enough to change quickly to emerging treatment and technology as well as provide an excellent and individualized experience for the patient.

Comprehensive Bone & Joint Services

Whether you have a simple bunion or a complex deformity we can help. Our fellowship trained surgeons and staff have the experience and cutting edge technologies to restore you to an active lifestyle. We treat the whole person and can provide a comprehensive, non-surgical treatment for arthritis and even evaluate your risk for fracture. So, whatever if ailing you, we can help.

Non - Surgical Treatments for Your Conditions

Not all problems are solved with surgery.  In fact, most orthopedic conditions are treated very successfully without surgery.  We use treatment protocols such as physical therapy, home exercises, bracing, lifestyle modifications, bone marrow stem cell therapy, laser therapy and simple encouragement and coaching to restore you back to your normal self.

Locally Owned and Operated

We were born and raised in Michigan and we understand the specific needs of our patients as well as our community.   We shop, eat and live local just like you.   We believe in supporting the community who supports us.   All our managers, employees and physicians live in the area unlike some other offices based in far away states.   We are members of the Greater Brighton Area Chamber of Commerce and we continue to support local business development as well as the betterment of our community.

State Of The Art Treatments

At Advanced Orthopedic Specialists, our fellowship trained surgeons have dedicated their careers to constantly evaluating, perfecting and mastering new technologies and techniques for an improved quality of life.   Minimally invasive surgical techniques once only offered in medical centers thousands of miles away, are now available in your own hometown thanks to the determination of our surgeons.   Arthroscopic repairs through very small 5 mm incisions and as an outpatient provide you with rapid relief without any prolonged hospitalizations.  Disabling foot and ankle pain can be corrected with minimally invasive techniques. Cell based therapies such as platelet rich plasma, bone marrow stem cell therapy and adipose derived stem cell can help regenerate damaged joints, tendons and ligaments without surgery using  specialized cells within your own body.

Rapid Recovery Methods

Our experienced surgeons and our staff at Advanced Orthopedic Specialists have developed state-of-the-art methods to improve your outcomes after an injury by developing innovative programs and techniques. Learn More

Awards & Recognitions

In order to become an orthopedic surgeon, all surgeons must go through a rigorous training program including undergraduate college, medical school, internship, and orthopedic surgical residency. At the completion of this, the physician is deemed a general orthopedic surgeon and is capable of doing most orthopedic surgical procedures.
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