New Options for Your Arthritis

CLICK HERE for PDF  Presentation:  Cell Based Treatments by Dr. Edward Loniewski

Advanced Orthopedic Specialists is now offering one of the most comprehensive arthritis programs in the country.   We now offer cutting edge therapies including surgical and non-surgical options to fit any lifestyle and severity of symptoms.   Dr. Loniewski has had more experience developing these therapies than any other physician in the area.  He has been continually improving these therapies since 1995 and acts as a consultant to many other practices across the country.   He has completed well over 4,000 of these procedures and can provide a customized therapy program tailored to your specific symptoms and conditions as well as your active lifestyle.   Just like no one drug is for every patient, no single cell based therapy is for every arthritic knee, hip, or shoulder.   We offer a comprehensive program with multiple state of the art therapies to match each patient's condition as well as the specific lifestyle demands.  Call 810-299-8550 for an appointment today.

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