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Advanced Orthopedic Specialists | Technology Matters Brighton MI

Medical Technology

It may come as a surprise to most people, but much of innovation in the field of orthopedic surgery happens in private practices such as ours, not in universities.  Our surgeons utilize the most advanced technologies in treating your problem.  They are experts in the field of joint replacement, arthroscopy (hip, knee, and shoulder), foot and ankle surgery, and sports medicine.  In addition to pioneering some of the latest surgical procedures, they also specialize in the newest non-surgical options for patient care, such as platelet rich plasma (PRP), laser therapy, and stem cell treatments.  If you have a problem that has been difficult for other doctors to treat, come to us – we can frequently find solutions others have not considered.  The field of medicine, and in particular orthopedics, is rapidly changing; our doctors are at the forefront of this advance.


Information Technology

The United States Government has recently mandated that all medical practices convert to electronic medical records (EMR); many have struggled to do so in the last few years.  At Advanced Orthopedics, we have been fully utilizing for the last 12 years.  Why does this matter to you?  Your prior health information is at our fingertips – it never gets lost.  Your other doctors receive progress notes from us within a day or so, as opposed to a week that is common for other medical practices.   There are no issues of legibility – all your health care information is well documented and easy to read.


Advanced Orthopedic Specialists | Technology Matters Brighton MI

Imaging Technology

Diagnostic imaging has rapidly improved over the last decade.  We were one of the first orthopedic practices in the state to have a digital x-ray machine (“DR”, the most advanced type).  We are now on our second generation machine.  This means less radiation to you, faster x-rays, and never any lost films.  We also utilize ultrasound extensively in office.  The benefits include no radiation, accurate placement of injections, and immediate diagnosis for many problems.


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Physical Therapy Technology

Our physical therapy department fully embraces our technological philosophy as well.  They utilize the latest treatments in rehabilitation, including Graston, Active-Release Therapy, H-wave, iontophoresis, and electrophoresis.  By working side-by-side with us, they are intimately familiar with all the advanced surgical procedures we perform, and are experts in the rehabilitation following these surgeries.

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